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Our business lines

Our products and services

UCM strives to provide its customers with real advice and support, based on listening, consideration and risk management, offering tailored, high-performance savings and investment solutions.

In that way, our commercial approach is based on three pillars:

  • The performance of our products and their transparency;
  • The quality of the relationship with our clients, a relationship based on an advisory approach with a long-term vision;
  • The effectiveness of our organisation, and the daily commitment of our teams in the service of clients.

All the expertise and involvement of UCM’s collaborators rest on shared values: transparency, proximity, demand, and commitment. They are fundamental, since our whole manner of working rests above all on consistency: the in-depth analysis of markets, frequent interactions with our clients, the regularity of our financial performance and long-term view of our business.

Those are the values that UCM deploys in the service of an ambitious national and regional development strategy.

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